Cute post from HelloGiggles

We were excited to read some very sweet words from Karen Belz at HelloGiggles:

“Audrey and Carolyn? Kudos. Seriously, you guys. My 2011 has been sub par, at best. I’m not going to tell you that my go-to cheer-up image isn’t the picture of the kitten in the box of Pop Tarts. Yet now you’ve raised the stakes, and put studly men into the equation as well – for an entire year! Audrey and Carolyn – if you’re ever in my area, a round is on me.”

We’ll totally take you up on that drink Karen. Read her whole article about our 2012 calendar here: HelloGiggles.

Calendar season is back!

It looks like calendar season is back! And with it, some fun new posts about Hot Guys and Baby Animals.

Such as Shine’s coverage of “Bizarre Beefcake Calendars of 2012” and captions from The Stir which, frankly aren’t remotely as funny as the captions in the calendar.

Don’t believe me? Buy your own 2012 Hot Guys and Baby Animals calendar.

Also, be sure to check us out on VH1’s new “Champions of Cute” series.

Baby Animals and the BBC

Too cute not to share. But where are all the hot guys?

Ellen appearance

“Why didn’t I think of this,” Ellen DeGeneres on her show today, talking about Hot Guys and Baby Animals on her today’s show.

Get your calendar by Christmas!

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