All the world’s a stage

Even the gym.

Ethan, our Shakespearean model, appeared in both the 2010 and 2011 calendar. As you can see, his talents extend far beyond his looks.

Get this man an Elizabethan-era pup!

Sneak peak at 2011 calendar

See what a fabulous year 2011 will be? Enjoy 12 months of sexy, cuddly awesomeness when you buy the new calendar.


October is casting month!

We have a shoot coming up at the end of the month, but we need YOUR help! Starting today, every girl and guy that’s into dudes is an official Hot Guy Recruiter.

Here’s how it works….
When you’re out on the town, keep you’re eyes peeled for calendar-worthy hot guys and baby animals. When you find one, get his info, snap a pic with your phone and email it to info (at) hotguysandbabyanimals (dot) com or post it in our tumblr blog.

We’ll pay $20 to any recruiter that finds a model we end up using. And for every date you get from having such a great pick up line, you pay us $20. Everyone wins!

Now leave your computer and go get casting.

Puppies confused by modern world. Hot guys not confused.

It has come to my attention today that puppies are very confused my escalators, which makes sense. Their ancient wolf ancestry probably did not have escalators in the wild to climb up and down trees. Then again, neither did our Neanderthal heritage. In any case, these You Tube videos are exceedingly adorable. Please enjoy.

And this one features a Hot Guy. (The hot guy knows how to walk down the escalator.)

Hitting the other coast

Hot Guys and Baby Animals has been doing some traveling. Co-founder, Audrey, just spent a week in her old stomping ground of Brooklyn, NY. That place brimming with hot guys AND baby animals. Unfortunately not together. There’s only one way to fix that!

What do you think, loyal fans? Should we do a photoshoot in New York for our 2011 calendar?

Post some pics of hot East Coast guys with baby East Coast animals on our Tumblr blog to convince us.