So, so grateful

It has come to our attention that our automatically generated order reply message is written like someone who learned English in another country. It reminds me of the signs I used to see when I traveled through Japan that are so polite and repetitive, they actually don’t mean anything at all.

Here is what you will receive via email when you order one of our calendars:

Thank you, your purchase is pending, you will be sent an email once the order clears.

Thank you for your purchase.  You should have received a confirmation email, and your order is being processed.  It will be on its way soon!

Thank you for purchasing with Hot Guys and Baby Animals. Your calendar will be shipped as soon as possible.

Audrey & Carolyn

I assure you, we did not write this copy. I think, way back last year when we designed the site, we thought this would be three separate emails. We should probably change it, but I find it sort of hilarious.


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