We’ll help you meet Baby Animals!


Looking for an excuse to approach that adorable puppy? When see a duckling crossing the road, are you not quite sure what opening line to use? Not sure what to say to that cute baby sloth next to you on the park bench?

We have a solution.

Turns out that recruiting for our products also makes a great way to pick up Baby Animals. (“I happen to notice that you’re a baby animal. I work for this calendar that I think you’d be perfect for… And while we chat, do you mind if I cuddle you?”)

For every Baby Animals we use in the next calendar, we’ll pay you $20. For every Baby Animal you end up taking home to be your new pet, you pay us $20. ($40 if it’s a sloth).

**We have not yet recruited a baby sloth to be in our calendar. Photo courtesy of The Rathaus. We’re working on it. They’re the CUTEST!


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