HGBA taking over the Northwest

Fuego, a popular stores in malls across Washington, Oregon and Idaho discovered Hot Guys and Baby Animals at the California Gift Show back in July. They have since decided to make our 2011 calendars a prevalent part of their fall promotion (along with Fingerstaches, strangely.) They’re even flying up one of our models to hold a calendar signing like we had at the gift show. Thanks, Fuego, for believing in Hot Guys and Baby Animals!

(If you’re in a mall the Pacific Northwest sometime soon, check it out!)

Picture 1

We’re on it!

Thank you everyone for all the concerned emails about the article in today’s SF Gate regarding an animal rescue organization that is doing a project suspiciously similar to our calendar.

Since we believe that all animals deserve loving homes (not just the baby ones). We are happy to see that other people are creating similar products for the same purpose. However, we are not happy with those other people claiming to be “not only a one-of-a-kind project” but also the “first calendar ever published to incorporate sexy men and their cats.” Since, if you’re reading this blog, you know that that is simply not true.

We’ve already submitted emails to both the SF Gate and the animal organization in question, and hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly. We wish them the best of luck with their calendar.

(Anyway, “sexy men and their cats” can hardly top male models holding itty bitty kittens. I mean really, have they seen Brendan and Oliver?!)


Update: SF Gate has kindly added an addendum to their article.  Sorry for being such an angry otter!

Don’t make the otters angry

angry Otter

While a obtaining a baby sloth is my current goal, it goes without saying that the procurement of baby otter would be the ultimate achievement for the Hot Guys and Baby Animals team. Since its well understood that baby otters are the cutest animal known to (hot) man.

We’d like to thank Huffington Post once more for their Angry Otter slide show last week. It entertained me to no end. And gave us a knew idea:

“Hot guys and ANGRY animals.”

That’s going to go over well with PETA.

Get well chicken

Let’s all think good thoughts this week for Mr. Peeps (featured in our 2010 calendar) who has grown quite ill. The vet said she was the sweetest chicken he has ever met. Still only 10 months old, Mr. Peeps has a lot of living left to do. (And a lot of eggs left to lay).

Mr. Peeps, and her sister Lulu (yes, Mr. Peeps is a girl. Also known as Madame Peeps) are two of the most well-cared for chickens in the world. They are well-fed, well loved, free to run around the yard all day, and not dressed in silly outfits, like some chickens.

Graceful Guys and Talented Animals?

So, the guy might not be “hot” and the animals might not be “baby.” But we just had to post this video we saw on Latina.com.

Happiest dancing Golden Retriever ever!